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7 Back to School Organization Tips

It's back to school time again and ready or not, here come the school supply list, movie-themed lunch boxes, and endless papers. Are you ready? Sending the kids back to school is a blessing and a curse. With the kids out of the house, you can take the time to spruce up their space and create systems to keep your home running smoothly all year long.

7 Back to School Home Organization Tips

Create a File System

Get ready for field trip forms, permission slips, and class projects, create an organized file system in your home office to always keep track of important papers. We recommend adding an inbox and outbox for slips to sign and return to school!

Streamline Your Entryway

Keep everything you need to run out the door ready to go. Make sure you have a great entryway system to create less mess! Labeled bins and designated hooks are ideal to hang backpacks, hold sporting equipment, and create a place for their books, folders, and schoolwork.

Organize Your Kids' Art

Prep your home for new artwork with our 9 step system. We love Artkive for preserving the memories and keeping your kids' artwork organized. Click here for $20 off!

Create a Homework Station

By giving kids a dedicated space to do their homework, they'll be more motivated and less distracted. Create a fun, dedicated space with few distractions. By giving kids their own "office" or homework space, it shows them that homework is important.

Store Additional Supplies

Drawer organizers, separators, bins, and shelving can all help keep your kids supplies in order! Sectioned trays, canvas bins, and baskets from The Container Store are great for additional school supplies, arts project supplies, and sports equipment!

Purge and Organize Closets

Go through your little ones' closets to purge clothes that don't fit anymore! That way you can organize their closets so outfits are easy in the mornings before school! This hanging organizer is perfect for folding sweaters once weather gets colder!

Create Snack Zones in Your Pantry

We suggest organizing your pantry with plastic bins so you can organize and categorize snacks. Keep a small clear bin of after school, mom-approved snacks for when the kids get home!

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