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You want to keep the memories, and your kids hate it when you throw away their art! So, we created an innovative "Holding Tank System" and partnered with ArtKive to process your kids' artwork. 

What To Do With Kids' Art 1) Get plastic stackable drawers to hold the artwork. We recommend these from The Container Store or these from Target.

2) Label them with each child's name. We love these labels

3) When art comes home, "OOH and AAH," and post it on the fridge or wall for a short time. Show your kids how much you love their art and them! 4) You can rotate newer pieces in to display and move the older art to the appropriate plastic drawer. 5) Continue to add pieces on top so the art will stay in reverse-chronological order. ⠀ 6) Order a box from Artkive.   7) While the kids are at camp or parked in front of the tv this summer, pull out all of the best pieces. Put them in the box, affix the pre-paid shipping label, and ship. Your drawers are now empty and ready for next year! 8) Artkive will scan their art and create a beautiful hard-bound keepsake book.⠀ 9) When you receive your books, enjoy them with your kids!


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