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Meet Jenny, Founder & CEO

Jenny Dietsch, founder and CEO of Getting It Done Organizing, is a wife, mother of three teens and lover of all things organized. After working as a junior high school teacher and project manager, both jobs reliant on organization, she stayed home with her kids for about 12 years. During this time, Jenny was always organizing something for one of the schools, her church, or her family, and it was evident to all that she had an organization obsession. With her children at three different schools, she truly understands the need for home organization.

Although Jenny is an organizational maven now, this was not always the case. From a young age, she struggled with ADHD and eventually taught herself to be organized. Being organized gave her the structure and freedom to live life more fully. Today, Jenny has built a business that helps other people find systems that will work for them and simplify their lives. 

Getting It Done Organizing started as an idea when a friend randomly gave her a label maker for her birthday, saying, "I just have a feeling you will like this!" She was not wrong! Jenny started taking on small organizing jobs for friends in the neighborhood once her kids were in school. It didn't take long for word to spread, and soon the jobs got too big for just one person. She started hiring and training team members to help her tackle the larger projects. 

The Dietsch Family


Now, over nine years later, Getting It Done Organizing is a full-service professional organizing and move management company that can help organize a pantry or unpack an entire home after a move. No job is too big or too small. Getting It Done Organizers know that organization makes life easier and allows for more time for fun! They create beautiful and functional systems that work for each family in their home. 
Jenny is a member of The National Association of Productivity and Organization® (NAPO) and The American Society of Interior Designers® (ASID). Jenny has been featured on Good Morning Texas, The Real Housewives of Dallas, and in Reveal and D Homes Magazines. She speaks to local school and charity groups on various organizing topics.
People always ask Jenny if her home is perfect, and she says, “NO!” She says she lives in a real house with real people who are messy and chaotic. "You want your kids to play with their toys and take everything out. You have to cook in the kitchen and make a mess. The key is having organization systems in place so everything can get put back together quickly! I love being organized and love helping others get the same excitement over a neat pantry or closet! It is such a fun job because our clients love what we do and love us! There is so much satisfaction! I love it!"

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