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How to Organize Your Kid's Artwork!

Are you overwhelmed with the piles of your children's art and school work? This was a common problem in our home, so we devised a solution! We call it the "Holding Tank System." The beginning of the school year is the perfect time to set up your own art storage system. It's simple and easy for both you and your kids to implement!

The first step is getting plastic stackable drawers to hold their artwork and other memories for the year. You can get different colors like these or all the same like these.

Once you have the bins, you'll want to label each with your children's names. Use a label maker like this one to make your own labels. Or these large adhesive labels are perfect too. You can write in their names with a sharpie and they work just as well!

Store the bins in a spot that works best for your family. Depending on your space, you may want to place them in a home office, a hall closet or even a garage! Put them where you have quick access so the system will be easy to maintain.

Once your kids bring home their art, papers and crafts, hang them up so everyone can admire their hard work and creativity! Celebrate with your kids and enjoy this stage of life.

Implementing the Holding Tank comes next! As your kids bring in new pieces, take the old ones down and put them into the appropriate bin.

After each school year ends, go through the individual drawers and toss or recycle anything that is no longer wanted. The rest of the items can be boxed up and sent to our partner, Artkive, where they will make beautiful keepsake photo albums of the artwork. Your whole family will continue to enjoy the art without the clutter for years to come!

Get started creating your family's Holding Tank today and set yourself up for success this school year! Or take it off your to-do list and have us do it for you! This small investment will bring smiles to everyone's face when you view the photo albums together next summer! It also makes a wonderful Christmas or birthday present! Email us to get started now!


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