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How to Get Your Kid's Schoolwork Organized!

It's already back to school time! If keeping your kids organized during the year is an issue, here is a simple yet very effective system to help them keep important papers organized!

This open-top file box will change you and your kid's life! We recommend that every child, ADHD or no ADHD, start using one in middle school. We love this simple one from The Container Store. It is very durable and works with any age and gender. There are plenty of options available on Amazon if your child is motivated by style! There are cute gingham ones or even rose gold sets.

You'll want to get some file hanging folders for the inside. Go basic to get it done with simple gray ones from The Container Store or let their personality shine with fun prints like these on Amazon! Or you can get a box of assorted color folders and pick a color for each child. It is more important for the box to be done than Pinterest

perfect! And do teenaged boys really care?!

Label each file with the generic subjects so you can use the same files year after year: Math instead of Algebra; History rather than American History, etc. You get the idea! We used our label maker because how could we not! But using a sharpie is just fine too.

Using your new file box is easy now that you've set up your student for a successful year! After each unit, chapter, or test, they will put their notes, quizzes, tests, study guides, flashcards, etc., into the appropriate file. Not only will your child be prepared to study for mid-terms and finals, but they also will not have a heavy binder with papers falling out! It will weigh less and ensure nothing important is lost.

This organizing tip can take your child all the way through college! Sometimes it is the simple things that work the best. A paper system like this will prevent a mad dash scramble at the last minute when it's crunch time!

True story... Jenny, CEO and founder of Getting it Done Organizing, made a box like this for her ADHD son a few years ago. He totally shunned the box and her! She left it in his room on the floor by his desk. One day as she was preparing to give a talk on organizing to a group of moms, she borrowed her son's empty file box to show the other moms and hoped their kids might bite at this idea. Surprisingly, her son's box had papers in it!!!! She was so excited but dared not mention it to him! She was quietly happy, knowing some of her tips and tricks were sinking in. She is convinced it was the NOT nagging that worked. It is still being used to this day as he begins his Senior year!

Bonus tip - buy one for yourself to keep your kid's school papers in order this year! Make a file folder for each one and label it with their name. When they have documents for you to read and sign, they put them in their folder when they come in from school. This will keep your family on track and prepared for the year!

Now that the kids are back in school, it's a perfect time to organize your home! Email us at to schedule your consultation today! Or call or text us at 214-675-7103. We can't wait to help you love your home even more!


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