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Tips for Organizing Your Child's College Dorm Room

I don’t know how long it has been since you have been in college, but in case you forgot, dorm rooms are tiny! Stealth storage is vital, and your college student will need help making their new dorm room feel like home. Use our unique storage solutions and favorite products to help keep your student organized at school!

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Create Zones

Separate the dorm room into “zones”. After all they will be spending most of their time in their dorm, so they will not only need a space for sleeping, but for a kitchen, studying, relaxing with friends, and more! Zones will help to separate space in the room physically and emotionally.

Use Vertical Space

Given how small the average dorm room is, floor space is hard to come by, so you have to think vertically. Using the back of a door and maximizing the available wall space are all great ideas to store things vertically. We love these magnetic strips for holding papers, photos, and notes. This back-of-door hook rack is perfect for holding hats, coats, or a robe. These hanging shelves help store clothing where drawer space is limited! We also love this mirror, and this shoe rack.

Closet Rod and Hangers

Using skinny hangers is helpful for saving space in the tiny closets. We love these velvet hangers for narrow storage and making the most of the space. Another option is vertical hangers allowing multiple items to be hung on one hangar. These shirt hangers allow 6 blouses on one hangar, and this pants hanger holds 4 pants or skirts. You can also double your hanging space with this additional closet rod!


Under-the-Bed storage is another great way to create extra storage space. You can even prop the bed higher on risers to create even more storage underneath. These bins are great for storing out of season clothing, extra towels, or whatever necessary. If there is space you can also include plastic drawers.

Photo via Container Store.

Makeshift Shelves

Create additional shelving out of cubbies, a hutch, or a build them to hang above your bed. This shelving can be used functionally or decoratively. You can also create your own shelves with crates or boxes mounted on the wall!

Multi-Use Furniture

There is so much great furniture out there that functions as multiple items! For example, a side table that functions as a rolling cart, a TV console and cube storage, and more! This rolling cart is a great multi-use piece. It can be a side-table, pantry, extra desk storage, bookshelf, and more.

Stacking Bins and Boxes

Bins and boxes are great, but they can take up so much space! Stackable bins and boxes are best because you can use more to organize. We love these clear boxes that you can stack and store things in!

Fold Clothing to Save Space

File folding your clothes saves space and makes it easier to see what you have. These drawer dividers make it easy to keep your file folding neat. Folding clothing Marie Kondo style is the easiest way to save space your clothing drawers.

See How to Fold Video on Instagram Highlights here!

Drawer Organizers for Desk

We always love drawer dividers and organizers, but in college dorms, when drawers are multi-functional, dividers are vital. They keep school supplies separated.

Use Shower Curtain Rings

Shower curtain rings are great because they are multi-purpose and save a ton of space! You can use them to hold ties, scarves, hats, belts, all while keeping them untangled and separated. Hang them in the closet on the rack, a temporary hook, or even use them as decor!

Temporary Hooks and Mounts

Temporary hooks and mounts such as these Command Hooks or Mounts are vital in a college dorm room! Typically students are not allowed to use nails or anything permanent on the walls or closet, so temporary hooks and mounts are important to help make the space more personalized and functional. Click here for all types of temporary mounts, hooks, and more!

College dorm rooms may be small, but we love an organizational challenge! We hope these tips help before you move your child into their dorm!


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