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4 Things You Need to Know Now!

Busy season is in full effect! We wanted to take a quick minute to share 4 helpful things you need to know now!


According to the DEA, the drug overdose epidemic in the United States is a clear and present public health, public safety and national security threat. The DEA is committed to making our communities safer and healthier. It's our turn to do our part to turn in unneeded medications and remove them from potential harm, which will help reduce overdoses and overdose deaths. October 29 is National Drug Take Back Day. Find the collection site nearest to you by clicking here.


Make the most of your time while you go through your unneeded prescription medications and organize the whole cabinet! Start with a good purge by getting rid of anything expired. Sort into categories that work for your family. Categories could be medicine type or person. Keep like items together by containing them in clear bins. Label them so everyone can find what they need fast! Now you're all set for the next time your loved one feels sick. For more details on creating an organized and efficient medicine cabinet, click here to read our blog post!


Garages are projects we take on seasonally when the weather allows. Now that it has cooled off in Dallas, we are ready to organize your garage! The best garage storage solutions reduce clutter and maximize space for all of the seemingly random items that live there. We create separate zones for toys, sports equipment, yard tools, chemicals, kitchen overflow, etc. We utilize all vertical space available so that everything is off the floor, making tools and toys easy to find and access. We want you to get outside and enjoy time with your family! Click here to schedule your garage consultation.


Did you know we offer holiday prep and clean-up services? Make your holidays easier by hiring us to decorate your home for the season! We unpack your decorations and set them up based on your input. We can also return after the holidays, even if you are out of town, to take it down and repack it! Our team can set up a new holiday storage system for you or tweak what you already have. We leave your bins labeled and accessible so that you can find exactly what you are looking for every year. Click here to schedule us to decorate your home this year!


Did you see the reel we posted recently showing Jenny's 5 favorite closet products she uses daily? If you are on Instagram, check it out! You can see garage organizing projects, a home we decorated last Christmas and even our team having a little fun! Follow us for more organizing tips, how-tos, before and afters, inspiration and fun! Your like and comments help other families find us on Instagram and keep our small business going! We appreciate your support!

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