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Jewelry Organization Tips

Did you get new jewelry for Valentine's Day? You'll want to properly store and protect your jewelry, whether they are precious gifts, special heirlooms or coveted personal finds. Jewelry is beautiful in-and-of itself, so it is easy to marry function with form when you choose the right space and storage solutions. Keep reading for our best jewelry organization tips.

Location, Location, Location

Start by pulling out everything you own so you know what you have and need to store. Evaluate the spaces in your closet, bedroom or bathroom that make sense for jewelry storage, such as built-in drawers, shelving, cabinet storage, a vanity drawer or even bedroom furniture. If your collection is particularly valuable, consider purchasing a safe to hold your most precious items.

Invest in Storage

No matter which location you choose, you will likely need diverse storage solutions. Here are some of our favorites:

Drawer Inserts

Drawer inserts are a fantastic option to keep items separate and allow you to see your pieces simultaneously. Many jewelry drawer inserts are available now, including felt-lined trays and individual acrylic inserts. The cubbies within the tray inserts are thoughtfully spaced to accommodate earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, whereas individual options allow you to choose various sizes to suit your jewelry collection. We can also have custom inserts made like you see in the photo in the perfect color and size to fit your drawers.

Stackable System

We love a modular, stackable jewelry system. This is an excellent option for storage of all styles, especially when working with a shelf or cabinet top. Using stackable drawers is great because the top cover helps to protect your jewelry from dust, yet you'll still be able to see what you have to choose from when opened.

Acrylic Table Top Options

Acrylic tabletop containers work with any decor. You can see everything you have and never lose your older items buried in a disorganized pile! Necklace storage options include a wall rack or a 3-tier stand. Both options allow necklaces to hang, which keeps them from getting tangled. Store both post and hook earrings on a standing organizer. This will protect your larger and more ornate earrings from tangling kinks, bend marks and overall flattening. Easily organize bracelets with acrylic T-stands or boxes. Belts can also be stored in the bracelet boxes, making them multi-purpose!

No one wants to spend precious time searching for a missing earring or a bracelet that is certain to complete the look. Thoughtful organization will ensure you enjoy each piece of jewelry you own and will make getting dressed and completing each outfit fun and rewarding. You'll feel like you are shopping in your favorite boutique every time you select your jewelry!

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