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3 Tips to Organize a Drop Zone!

We're finally back to a normal school year! Does that have your family running in all directions too? Often the area right inside your home's entry way, the drop zone, ends up a hot mess! Let's get it organized using these three tips so that walking in the door is no longer a hazard!


Start with zones in your drop zone! Designate a space for each family member they can claim as their own to put their things when they walk in the door. This means they know where to find what they need to get out the door or when they remember a homework assignment at 10:00 pm!


Every drop zone needs hanging storage options. We recommend installing hooks to hang backpacks, purses, jackets, etc. This keeps them off the floor and out of the way. You can use individual wall hooks or choose a hook rack. Pick the style and option that will work best for your family and space. Your kids will get hooked on hanging up their stuff!


There are always things that won't hang up so we recommend using baskets or bins to corral these items. Place them under a simple bench so there is also a seating option. Or think outside the label and put a dresser in the space using the drawers for storage! You can find cubby storage units or hall trees with everything you need in one piece of furniture.


If you are building new and thinking about including cubbies - add doors. Cubbies always look overcrowded and messy so we suggest adding doors so things look neat!

An important thing to remember is that a drop zone is only a temporary holding place. It should only hold what is being used that day. Everything else needs to return to its permanent home as soon as possible. Consider setting up space in the garage for longer-term storage of sports gear and other items used less often.

Setting up a drop zone in your home will have an immediate, positive impact on your family! Organizing this space will alleviate some of the stress of getting everyone out the door to all their fun activities. If this project leads you to want to organize more of your home and you need help, email us so we can chat about it! We would love to help you get it done!

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