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10 Things to Buy from The Container Store for a More Organized Home: On Sale 20-30% off!

Back to school season means sales! If you're doing some cleaning when the kids head back to school we're listing all of our favorites from The Container Store sale, below. No matter what room in the house you're starting with, The Container Store is one of our favorite places to get organizational supplies.

10 Top Storage Solutions On Sale at The Container Store

Velvet Non-Slip Hangars

If you're looking to improve the look of your closet, uniform hangers are the best way to make it look uniform! The difference is night and day when your hangers match! These hangers are actually space saving as well, due to their thin structure, and the velvet texture creates friction so clothes don't slip off. They come in several color and package options, so no matter you preference, there's an option for you!

Canvas Hanging Organizer

Hanging your sweaters may be tempting, but it ruins the shape! Sweaters take up a ton of shelf space, so we create is with this hanging sweater organizer! These organizers are a great way to store in-season sweaters for easy access and to keep them in good condition.

Pantry Bins

The must-have item for a Pinterest-ready pantry is clear acrylic bins! They come in different shapes and sizes to fit any pantry space. Not only do these bins make your pantry aesthetically pleasing, but they also help you see what you have and what you're getting low on! We recommend grouping like-foods together, for example: snacks, packaged baking mixes, granola bars, and sauces.

Click here and here for varying sized bins!

Expandable Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers are perfect for all the drawers in your house to create compartments and divide different categories. In your kitchen, you can use them to divide tupperware and their lids. The bamboo dividers are great for your bedroom drawers to create compartments for socks and underwear instead of dumping them in one big drawer!

Sectioned Trays

Any drawer can become a junk drawer without compartments to separate what goes where. These deep trays are great for kitchen tools in drawers. The shallow trays are best for corralling small items, like makeup, paper clips and office supplies. In short, there’s hardly a drawer that can’t benefit from these practical trays.

Shoe Boxes

Thes boxes are quite literally for shoes, and are similar to the boxes they come in, however these are plastic so you can see the styles inside. They are great for keeping your best shoes dust free, and makes stacking easy. These are indeed the perfect boxes for shoes, but in truth they have so many more uses! We also love using them to organize kids’ craft areas to separate markers, stickers, paints and all the other crafty pieces. Another use is inutility closets. They are great for batteries, small light bulbs, and hardware odds & ends. We recommend buing them in bulk: a case of 20. We promise you’ll use them all!

Utility Pantry Door & Wall Rack

This ingenious rack makes smart use of a rarely-used spot on the back of a door. It is ideal for holding items that don’t fit on pantry shelves, or could be better grouped elsewhere such as spice bottles. The baskets on the rack come in three sizes and can be adjusted.

Open Canvas Storage Bins

Canvas bins are for, well, everything! These are great multi-purpose bins. They can hold anything in your closet you don't hang: Bundles of scarves, gloves, hats, or swimsuits.The label holders on the two sides allow you to clearly show the contents no matter which way you display the bin. They look lovely on shelves and come in 3 sizes to choose from so they will always fit your space.

Metro Utility Shelving

In our opinion, no garage is complete without these shelves. They are great for garages because they are amazingly sturdy, and the length of them are perfect for storing bins. The shelving comes in lengths of up to 60, and are customizable.

White Montauk Rectangular Baskets

You can’t go wrong filling your linen closet with these clean-looking baskets. Laundry, linens, pillows, almost anything fits perfectly in these cotton-lined baskets. They come ingray or white, so they are sure to match your home. The baskets are actually plastic, so they won’t scratch the paint, so there is no need for shelf liner beneath them!

All photos: via The Container Store site.

10 Things to Buy from The Container Store for a More Organized Home | Getting it Done Organizing


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