What To Do With Your Clutter and Donations

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” We love this adage, and the concept is so relevant to what we do at Getting it Done Organizing. Cleaning out and decluttering is rewarding in and of itself, but when we’re able to do something for someone else while reaping the healthy benefits of decluttering, it’s a Win-Win. What’s more, when we get rid of items in our home in an eco-friendly manner, we’re doing something for the planet. So, before you start to fill up the trash bin, take a read through these recycling tips and donation ideas.

Why We’re Wired to Hang onto Things We Don’t Need or Want

Donating clothing can help others in need.
Too Much Stuff Causes Stress
  • We might feel a sense of failure for having bought something we really don’t need or use.

  • We might feel grief for something sentimental – an old toy or clothing item from a special occasion.

  • We might feel fear of future regret for getting rid of something we may nee