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LEGO Toys Are Taking Over My House: Now What?

Does your house look like this? Do you have too many LEGO pieces? Is this your reality?

Moms, especially boy moms, know that LEGO pieces can take over your home? And stepping on one in the middle of the night!?@!?@#!!!

Pro-Tips for Managing LEGO Pieces:

1. Get one or two large, clear plastic tubs with lids. These tubs should fit on your shelves, under a bed, or in your designated storage space. 

2. Designate several small tubs for specialty categories, such as:

  • LEGO people and animals

  • "Special" parts, and

  • Weapons

3. Everything else goes into the one or two large tubs.  Only display what you have room for.

4. You may need to consider buying an inexpensive bookcase or adding some floating shelves for LEGO display.

5. Sometimes kids have to choose to break down a set to make room for something new. Once a set has been broken down deposit the bricks into the general tubs.

6. Click here for LEGO RePlay. You print a free shipping label and LEGO donates your bricks to children’s nonprofits all over the United States.

We Do Not Recommend:

1. Sorting LEGO by set

It is fun to build the LEGO creation the first time, but if you store the set in a plastic bag with the instructions then those bricks are useless for free building and hinders your child from using their own imagination to make something new. AND what are the chances that you actually have every… single… piece?

2. Sorting LEGO by color

Life is just too short for this and the pieces are still generally all mixed together anyway.

3. Using specialty LEGO storage furniture

There are many types of LEGO organization boxes that over-complicate your LEGO storage and do not make it easier to find specific pieces.

Here are Some Fun Ideas for Your Kids:

1. Now that you have tons and tons of miscellaneous LEGO pieces, encourage your kids to make their own creations. I call this free-building.

2. You can subscribe to the free LEGO magazine which has games, puzzles, stories, and lots of great building ideas.

3. The LEGO magazine also has a section called 'Cool Creations' where you can submit a picture of your child with their masterpiece and it might get published.

4. There are tons of books with independent building ideas to motivate kids. Search Google for books on building with LEGO.

5. Check out the website for Little Bins for Little Hands to find a printable LEGO Challenge Calendar.


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