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7 Tips to Clean Out Your Playroom!

The toys are coming! Is your playroom ready? Now is the time to clean out before Santa arrives with more! Read our top seven tips on how to get your kid's toy room clutter-free and ready for all the new additions!

1. Make time now to do a deep purge in the playroom! ​Before adding a ton of new stuff to an already overcrowded area, go through what you already have. ​Throw away anything broken. Donate gently used items. Declutter the room by moving out what doesn't belong and putting it in its proper place.

2. Store toys in clear bins whenever possible! It makes it easy for kids to see what they have AND where to put it away. Some of our favorite bins include open-top Euro Crates for items that need quick access and lidded boxes for toys that need to stay together.

3. Keeping costumes organized is simple with open tubs or baskets that are easy to access. You want the costumes to turn to rags because your kids wear them everywhere! Let them enjoy playing dress up every day. We do not recommend hanging costumes because if they are going to get yelled at for not hanging them back up, they will not bother taking them off the hangar.