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Prep The Playroom Before The Holidays

In order to make room for the new holiday presents, it’s time to PURGE and organize your playroom now! Get rid of toys that are broken, missing pieces, or that your family has outgrown. Get your kids involved in letting go of what they don’t need or want and giving to those who have less! Sometimes it can be hard to let go of a toy they were once really excited about…but, ask your kids what Santa would think if he came down the chimney today. He might think he has already been there and move on!

The U.S. has 3.1% of the world's children but consumes 40% of the world's toys. Think about gifting your children experiences this year. What about a membership to the zoo, an art class, or a day pass at a trampoline park?

DID YOU KNOW... Kids actually do prefer to have less stuff. Crazy, right? Have you ever watched a kid play in a room that is organized and easily find the book they want you to read to them? Or maybe they want to show you their new Lego set and excitedly run to its home in a toy chest. Now, imagine a child excited to show you a toy, but quickly becomes emotional and frustrated once they realize it has been misplaced or hidden under the rest of their things. The first scenario is a much happier play experience!


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