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Valentine’s Date Ideas

This year is flying by, it feels like Christmas was yesterday! Next thing we know Valentine’s Day will be tomorrow and we’ll be scrambling for date ideas. Not to worry, we’re thinking for you, and have your date ideas covered! We also have gift certificates available to book a surprise for your Valentine!

Cook Dinner at Home

Cooking dinner at home doesn’t have to be a chore, make it fun! Try something new, or something that you would usually get when you eat out. You can even organize your kitchen beforehand as a surprise for your spouse! Check out our pantry organization tips here!

Kitchen Organization Tips

Purge anything that is expired, not useable, stained, or broken. Use drawer organizers to hold utensils. Go vertical with storage! Hang, stack, and layer to use all of your space!

Include the Kids!

If you can’t get away for the holiday, include the kids and make cookies. Try these low carb peanut butter cookies by The Kellie Kitchen! They can help bake and/or decorate them, and everyone can enjoy!

Cooking Class Out

If you can get away, head out to a cooking class. Leave the kids with a sitter. We love these classes in the Dallas area!

Movie Marathon

Need a night in? Try a movie marathon. Watch a series, a handful of rom coms, or start a new show. You don’t have to dress up and go out to enjoy each other's company. Stay in, make popcorn, and get comfy!

A Classic Valentine’s Day Dinner

The classic Valentine’s Dinner out is always a good idea! You can choose somewhere with a set menu, or try a new restaurant. In Dallas, we love Nick and Sam’s, Nobu, and Ocean Prime; there are so many great options to choose from!

A Romantic Staycation

Make Valentine’s Day a whole weekend! Book a room at a local hotel, choose somewhere you've wanted to visit and pretend you’re on vacation. Spend a night out or order room service. Any way you do it, you’ll enjoy getting away and changing up your normal routine.


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