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How to Organize Your Pantry

Your dream pantry doesn't have to be just a dream! We can help turn your pantry or any space in your home into something that you love. Your family and friends will be impressed by your kitchen efficiency and you'll look like a pro cooking for the holidays. Whether you call us to help or you do it yourself, keeping your kitchen organized is the best way to stay sane this holiday season!

7 Tips for an Organized Pantry

Coordinate Containers

Uniform containers are the best way to make a pantry look and feel well organized. They also help create a system of organized space giving everything a place.

Remove Duplicates

Eliminate duplicate or expired items so they don't take up excess space. Toss or donate anything that you won't use or don't need.

Sort Foods by Categories

Categorize foods into useful groups such as snacks, breakfast foods, spices, canned goods, etc. Separate chips from cereals, and pasta from baking goods. Once categorized, you can start building your system.

Label Label Label

Add labels to each of your bins and containers. This creates an easy way to know what you have in stock and build your grocery list.

Make Sure Everything Has a Place

Buy baskets, bins, and clear plastic containers to hold everything in each of your categories. Bags like chips and snacks can be sorted into baskets or bins, cans can be loaded into a can organizer and packets can go into a packet holder.

Use Door Space with a Hanging Rack

Smaller pantries can hold canned goods, packets, snacks, anything smaller that may take up unnecessary space on your shelves. This hanging rack is perfect for holding things like spices, cans, and bottles.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Packaging

Clear containers are perfect for holding things like cereal, snacks, bars, baking ingredients, and pasta. They get rid of unnecessary packaging and help you see how much of each ingredient you have left.

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