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Pantry products we love and how to use them!

We love organizing pantries! An organized one is a game-changer for every family! We have a wealth of experience organizing all kinds of pantries for all types of families! Here are some of our favorite products for any pantry!

Stacking bins

We highly recommend using clear, stacking acrylic bins. Clear bins are easy to see what is inside so you don't purchase duplicates and know when it's time to buy more! We love acrylic containers rather than glass for families with kids of any age. Acrylic is much lighter and less likely to break if pushed off the ledge when little hands grab their snacks! Stack them to make the best use of your space!

Drawer Dividers

Drawer storage is a popular option now. Keep your drawers organized with dividers! These are great for food, linens and Tupperware! They are available in various adjustable depths and finishes.

Large Baskets

For larger items and back-stock such as sodas, water bottles, paper products and even rarely used appliances, large woven baskets are the perfect storage solution! We love these baskets! They allow you to keep everything off the floor. Plus, they look really pretty too!


Every bin and basket needs a label! Labels make it easy for everyone to know what goes where when unloading the groceries. No excuses for not helping Mom now! Many label options are available, including metal clips, pre-made stickers and custom labels. We offer several custom label options to match your preferences!

We want your pantry to look beautiful but stress functionality and safety the most. We listen to you and work to understand how your family lives so we can create a system that works for you! Organizing your pantry is a project that makes an immediate positive impact on your family. Find all of our favorite pantry Container Store products on our website or check out our Amazon favorites!

Read how to organize your pantry on our blog! If DIY is not your thing, email us to schedule your consultation! My team and I would love to help your family by organizing your pantry!

This site contains affiliate links to products. At no additional cost to you, we may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Thank you for your support.


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