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Jenny's Favorite Organizing Products to Start 2023!

Thank you to all of our wonderful clients from 2022! We loved organizing your pantries, closets, playrooms, and garages and getting many families moved into new homes! Helping you is truly our passion!

As we start 2023, we are refreshed after the holiday and ready to dig in. (We might even be a little excited to get back to work and send the kids back to school 🤪)

We look forward to packing away your holiday decorations so you are ready for next year and working with new and old clients to help simplify your lives.

Thank you!

Kitchen Products I love!

Everything drawer bins - You can use these acrylic bins everywhere, including bathrooms, utility rooms, offices and kitchens. They make it easy to sort like items together and keep small things from disappearing into the cracks. I love these so much and use them in most client homes! They are so versatile and work in any space!

Adhesive stick-on bins - These small bins attach easily to walls creating more storage where there was none. The spice packet size is perfect for any small space. You can also hang these on the back of a cabinet door under your sink to store sponges or dishcloths in them!

Knife in-drawer inserts - These wooden in-drawer inserts keep your knives organized, accessible and off counters. Your counters will be clutter-free giving you more room when cooking and baking! It also keeps little hands away from sharp objects so that everyone in your home stays safe. That is important to every mom!

Closet Must-Haves

Purse hangers - A favorite closet product is a clear acrylic purse hanger! They're awesome! These hangers are an excellent way to keep the purse straps and handles from getting damaged. They also keep purses off the floor, further protecting your investment! I know you love your bags as much as I do and want them to last! Maintaining the shape of your purses will help them last longer so you can show off your style with confidence!

Hanging organizer - These organizers add extra storage when you don't have enough shelf space. They are perfect for storing sweaters, jeans and any other clothing you prefer to fold! This organizer comes in various color and size options. There is a 3-cubby option for your short hang sections and a 6-cubby option for your long hang sections. I like the 6-cubby option so that I can store my sweaters by color so that it looks pretty too!

Lastly, my #1 favorite, MUST-HAVE item for every closet is matching hangers! It doesn't matter what kind of hanger, as long as they are all the same. I prefer the thin, velvet-lined ones from The Container Store. They always have the same color in stock and the velvet lining keeps clothes from falling off. Plus, using thin hangers gives you more room for your clothes!

Elfa Favorites

Elfa door organizer - This organizing system creates space where there is none. They are easy to install and you can choose several different basket sizes. It's the perfect spot for condiments, baking supplies and more!

Elfa pull-out baskets - You can attach these baskets to any shelf without buying an Elfa unit. They make use of all the space, especially in deep, hard-to-reach shelves.

Elfa Hanging Drawers - Utilize all the space in your closet with these hanging Elfa drawers! They come in several different finishes making it easy to find one that fits your style.

Elfa Closet System - We can plan a custom closet for you using the Elfa system. We'll measure your space and design the perfect closet for you. We'll work with you to address your concerns so that your new design will make your life easier and you'll feel like you're walking into a chic boutique every time you get dressed!


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