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Jenny's 5 Favorite Closet Organizing Products!

Jenny Dietch in a white shirt leaning against a doorframe.

It’s officially fall and the weather is finally cooling off here in Dallas! Time to switch your tank tops and flip-flops for sweaters and boots! If you don’t know me already, I'm Jenny Dietsch, owner and Chief Executive Organizer of Getting it Done Organizing. No matter the season, there are 5 products that I can't live without in my closet. Each of these will keep your closet organized and will easily transition from season to season. Read on to see my 5 favorite closet products and get a tour of my own closet!

First, I absolutely love these hanging sweater organizers for your closet! These organizers add extra storage when you don't have enough shelf space. They are perfect for storing sweaters, jeans and any other clothing you prefer to fold! This organizer comes in various color and size options. There is a 3-cubby option for your short hang sections and a 6-cubby option for your long hang sections. I like the 6-cubby option so that I can store my sweaters by color so that it looks pretty too!

Second, every closet needs a basket or bin to store seasonal items like gloves, scarves, baseball caps, swimsuits, coverups, etc. I love these canvas ones that come with a label! I put my summer items in one and my winter things in another. During the spring and summer months my swimsuits and cover ups are at arms length and the winter things stored up higher. When the weather changes I just swap my bins and that is it! So simple. Everything is accessible so when I plan a beach vacation in the winter I can still see and access all of my swimsuits for a quick get away.

Third, my next favorite product is these clear acrylic purse hangers! They're awesome! These hangers are an excellent way to keep the purse straps and handles from getting damaged. They also keep purses off the floor, further protecting your investment! I know you love your bags as much as I do and want them to last! Maintaining the shape of your purses will help them last longer so you can show off your style with confidence!

Fourth, I'm letting you in on a Professional Organizer secret with this next one! Store your clutch purses in a letter collator! Yes, the ones you find in the office supply section! I use these clear acrylic ones all the time! They allow you to see your gorgeous clutch even while not in use! It's a practical solution that looks so good and makes your closet look like a fancy boutique!

Lastly, my #1 favorite, MUST-HAVE item for every closet is matching hangers! It doesn't matter what kind of hanger, as long as they are all the same. I prefer the thin, velvet-lined ones from The Container Store. They always have the same color in stock and the velvet lining keeps clothes from falling off. Plus, using thin hangers gives you more room for your clothes!

I hope seeing my 5 favorite closet products used in my home was helpful to you! If you need more ideas for organizing your closet, check out our closet organizing blog post! Feel free to send me your closet organizing questions by clicking here to email me !

Happy organizing!


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