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How to Organize ANY Room!

Now that we've eased into a new year, we thought it would be a good time to get back to the basics of organizing. We sometimes take for granted what we do every day and assume everyone knows how to do it! But you know what assuming does! So today, we're sharing our best tips on the basics of getting organized to help you reach your organizational goals!


The first step is to prioritize the spaces in your home that you want organized the most. Don't expect to organize your whole home at once. Figure out what areas can most benefit from an organizational system. Organization is a practice, not a project and getting your home organized will be a process you take one room at a time. So pick the room that bugs you the most and start there!


Once you have chosen the room, it is time for a major purge. We understand that some things are hard to part with, so keep what makes you happy! Do keep in mind that it is not your responsibility to keep something to make others feel better. An organized home is a functional home that gives you peace of mind and will include sentimental items. But you WILL need to purge items that do not make you happy and no longer serve the purpose intended. Easy things to begin your purge include anything broken, expired food and outdated paperwork.


Now that you have purged the space, it is time to sort. You'll take everything out of the area. And we mean EVERYTHING. Next, put like items together. It is your space so you get to choose how you define 'like items.' If organizing a pantry, you can sort by food type such as pasta, snacks, baking, etc. Or maybe you have someone with dietary restrictions so you can sort food by person. Whatever works for your family in your current season of life is the perfect way to sort!


Once you get it all sorted out, you can see which things will need containers and easily determine what size is needed. Pro tip: MEASURE out the space where you will put the items so that you can get the right sized containers. We love using clear bins so that you can see what is in it and how much is left.


The next step after filling the containers is to label them! There are many label options available now from pre-made to custom. Find one that matches your personal style and colors. Using containers and labeling them is key to maintaining the system. It allows everyone in your home to see what goes where AND it makes cleanup and/or restocking simple and easy!


Everything has been purged, sorted, contained and labeled, now comes the fun part! You get to put it all back in place in a neat, orderly fashion! Fill those new containers, slide those bins onto the shelf then stand back to view your handiwork! You can immediately see the results of your hard work! Instant gratification at it's finest! Nothing feels better than making your home more functional. We bet the peace you feel will motivate you to continue on your organizing journey!


You are ready to tackle organizing your first room on your own! Pick the space, purge as much as you can, sort it out, contain what is left and put it back in place! It sounds so easy but we know it takes time to get it done as well as mental and physical energy. We are here to help you get organized whenever you need us. Getting it Done Organizing can take over an abandoned project, start on a whole house or even surprise someone you love! If you need help, simply email us and we'll be happy to figure out how we can help!


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