Try Home Organizing and Decluttering to Reduce Stress

As I write this, I am over a week into our local mandatory “stay at home” order. No getting out to see friends. No shopping or errand running. No working onsite with my clients. No gym. No hairdresser – yikes. And yet, I remain a member of the glass-is-half-full tribe, and I’m here to tell you there is opportunity in this pause. It’s true, there is a lot we cannot control about the COVID-19 pandemic, but we do have control over our current physical environment – our homes. As moms and spouses, we can positively influence our family members by creating calm, organized spaces for school, work, cooking, relaxation, and play. I encourage you to set aside some time to bring order to a spot in your house this week. Not only will you immediately reap the well-documented benefits of organization during this mandatory time at home, but when you return to your more normal way of living and venture back out into the world, you will still have your newly organized place to return to and enjoy.