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The Best Way to Organize and Store Masks at Home

Times have changed and our daily necessities now include wearing a mask. No doubt your laundry, kitchen, tote bags, backpacks, and countertops are littered with reusable and single-use masks. Home organization is always important, but even more so now. Masks are required in many places, so you need one anytime you leave the house. Make sure you have a system in place so that everyone has one when they leave! The best location for your mask system is by the front or back door where you most frequently come and go. The simpler your system, the more likely it will work!

How to Store Masks at Home

Consider, NOT Separating Masks by Person

Keep all clean masks together. In our house, we do not separate clean masks by individual. Instead, I keep a separate basket of paper masks and a basket of fabric masks by the front door. Once worn, all dirty (reusable) masks go into the general laundry. This system is great in case of guests, workmen, or other people stopping by. It is easy and convenient for them to grab a paper mask and not worry about it.

If You Do Separate by Person

If it will be World War III in your home if you don’t separate masks by person, we recommend using a separate basket, jar, bin, or drawer with dividers for each person. Label each container and each mask by writing on the inside with a Sharpie or using iron-on name tags. This will simplify mask sorting, especially when many masks are similar in color and style. My children wear a uniform to school, so they mainly have navy blue masks to match, so the iron-on labels are a lifesaver!

Before After

Prepping Masks for Work or School

Each of my children has a small zipper pouch to keep in their backpack for school. They put at least 5 masks in their pouch over the weekend and then refill their pouch the next weekend before the start of the coming week. I also try to make sure they have an extra in case one breaks, they lend one to a friend, or accidentally miscount!

Storage Options

It doesn’t matter how you store your masks, find a container that works for you and set it up in a convenient area. Here are some of our ideas: wide mouth jars, baskets, or hooks. And don't forget to label; labels make everything clearer and more organized.

Mask Storage for the Car

As a mom of three, it’s inevitable at some point, someone will forget a mask. I keep a large Ziploc bag of paper masks in the center console of my car. This has even saved me on a mom-brain day when I forget my own mask! The clear bag makes it easy to see when your back-up stash is getting low.


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