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How to Use One Product Three Ways!

Love is in the air; organization love that is! We've been busy getting families organized but we wanted to share with you one of our favorite products and how to use it! We love this Multi-purpose bin from The Container Store! It comes in several sizes and is very versatile! The clear color makes it easy to work with any room decor. Check out three different ways to use it!

Kid's room - We used the small bins in a craft storage closet to contain paints, coloring books and paper! It is light weight, which makes it easy for kids to handle without hurting themselves, plus it is also easy to take out and put away.

Home Office - The large Multi-Purpose bin is a great solution for extra paper supplies in a home office. You can fit notebooks, copy paper, folders and more in it! Add labels to the front or the side to make finding what you need even quicker!

Under the sink - One of our favorite places to utilize this bin is under the sink! The medium bin is perfect for holding daily cleaning supplies such as counter wipes and sanitizing spray. We like to use the large bin to store rolls of trash bags.Pull the excess through the handle to make grabbing the next one easier! See how easy it is to use by watching our Instagram Reel video!

Think outside the label when using organizing products! The right container may be labeled for a different use but if it works for you, it's a perfect fit! What product have you used differently than labeled? Email us and let us know!

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