Easy Storage Solutions for Holiday Decor

Do you dread putting your holiday decorations away because you don’t have an organization system? Jenny Dietsch, a Certified Professional Organizer and founder of Getting it Done Organizing, has solutions we are looking for. She helps busy families all over the U.S. simplify their lives by organizing their homes.

The holiday season is magical, but it is also stressful. Wouldn’t be it be nice for Santa to deliver toys, AND clean up the mess afterward?

In my house, the only way I survive the aftermath of Christmas is by being organized. I have functional systems in place for where everything goes until the next year. It takes a lot of stress off me and my family, and we don’t dread clean-up.

Easy Storage Solutions for Holiday Decor

Put Your Artificial Christmas Tree Away

If it doesn't quite fit back into its original box or bag, you can find high-quality wheeled tree storage bags or basic ones that get the job done, like the one below!