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3 Ways to Make Holiday Cleanup Easier!

Before you know it, the holidays will be winding down. We wanted to give you three ways to make your holiday cleanup easier! Your transition to 2023 will be a breeze!

1. Organize your decorations as you put them away this year to make decorating easier next year! Keep your wreaths separate from your trees. You can add smart store labels and hang these in a garage or attic. Store ornaments in their own boxes. Roll up your lights in a storage reel to save yourself untangling frustration next year! Label your bins so you can find what you need quickly! The P-Touch Cube label maker is simple to use right from your phone. You can make custom labels for your holiday storage to help your future self!

2.Buy needed bins NOW while they are still available. Waiting until later leaves you with a small selection and random sizes. Most big box stores have storage options, including Target, Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes Home Improvement. We recommend clear bins that are a manageable size. Larger containers can become too heavy to lift safely when filled up. Whichever brand you choose, make sure your bins are all the same so they stack better.

3. Give yourself the gift of relief after a busy holiday season by hiring us to take down your decorations! Even if you are out of town, our team can remove them and repack everything for you! We can set up a new holiday storage system or tweak what you already have. We can purchase new containers and labels before the take down to have all of the supplies needed before the stores run out. We leave your bins labeled and accessible so that you can find exactly what you are looking for every year. Think of the frustration saved!

We hope this holiday is a wonderful one for you and your family! We'd love to hear if these tips were helpful to you! Simply email us at to let us know! Happy Holidays from the Getting it Done Organizing team!

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