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5 Tips to Prepare for the Holidays!

The holiday season is here! Are you ready for it? We are sharing five tips you can implement immediately to help ease the holiday strain. Following our simple and easy steps will pave the way to a more relaxed and organized holiday season!


No matter how hard we try to maintain our organizational systems, clutter creeps into our homes. Decluttering your home will give you instant gratification! Start in your most used room and move clockwise through it, clearing off every surface of items that don't belong. Continue doing this in each room until your home has been decluttered. Get the family involved! Kids can clean out their rooms and playrooms. Decluttering makes space for new items that will inevitably come in during the holidays.


Take time now to plan out the critical pieces of your holiday season. Plan out these five areas to be prepared and ahead of the game!

  1. Calendar all your events through January 1, including school performances, family gatherings and work commitments.

  2. Make a list of everyone you plan to gift this season and include an idea of what to give them.

  3. Schedule intentional family activities to celebrate the holidays so that family memory-making takes priority!

  4. Create a meal plan and ingredient list for each gathering you will host over the season. This is a perfect time to clean out the pantry!

  5. Plan downtime for yourself and your family. Adding space for relaxation makes the holidays more enjoyable!


Welcome overnight guests to your home with a well-organized guest area. Take the time now to ensure there are clean sheets, blankets, pillows and towels. Check for air mattress leaks, extra toiletries and stray items to be removed from the area. Guest rooms can quickly become a catch-all and fill up without you realizing it. Make them feel extra special by including a luggage stand, water bottles and fancy chocolates on their pillows!


Prepare your wrapping station now and avoid a late-night run to grab the supplies! A complete gift-wrapping station includes wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags, scissors, gift wrap or double-sided tape, ribbons and/or bows.

Choose a theme coordinating the papers and bows or pick solid colors that can be used year-round! Get a stash of whatever best fits your unique style. Buy more than you think you need of scissors and tape! Bonus pro tip, put a pair of scissors in the kitchen, laundry room and main bathroom. Keep all of your gift wrap supplies together in a gift wrap station. Pick a storage option, such as vertical bins, under-the-bed bins, over-the-door organizers and our favorite, the Elfa rolling cart, that works best for you!


Our final tip is to schedule a day, night or hour for you to enjoy the holiday. Whatever that looks like for you, make sure YOU enjoy the fruits of your labor. We want you to plan and do whatever makes your holiday happy. Take a deep breath and enjoy the season!


As a bonus, we created this Holiday Prep Bingo card for you! Save it to your phone or print it out to keep your preparations on schedule! We hope this holiday is a wonderful one for you and your family! Happy Holidays from the Getting it Done Organizing team!

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