3 Secret Tips to Organizing a Garage

It’s officially fall in Texas! With that comes football and the hope that one day the air really will feel cooler! It’s also the perfect time to tackle your garage! Having an organized garage can be life changing for a busy family. Getting your garage in order is easy, especially when you use our pro tips! Keep reading to find out our top 3 secret tips to successfully organize your garage!


Oftentimes the most challenging part of any home project is finding the time to do it. Right off the bat, we want you to commit to the project by scheduling the time to do it. Get out your work and family calendars and mark the time as an appointment. You'll want to include specific time for it and we recommend allowing for double the time you think it will take to do it. This small but important act is setting you up for success before you even begin!

Secret tip 2 – USE HIDDEN STORAGE AREAS. Your garage likely has storage areas you haven't realized are available. Try looking at your garage through new eyes and search for hidden areas where you can store things that you haven't used before.