Genius Garage Organization Tips

It’s almost time for garage organization again! We get it. It’s too hot in Texas for garage organization before fall. But when the temperature drops, there’s no excuse! Your garage should be neat and organized, just like the rest of your home. If you’re a DIYer, we’ve got our best organization tips below!

Garage Organization Tips

Think Vertically

Use your wall space to get everything off of the ground! You can use ceiling mounted storage for things you don’t need to access as often, such as seasonal decor. Safe Racks ceiling racks are our favorite ceiling racks!

Use a Good System

First, we recommend the Flowwall Panel System. The Flowwall system is great because it’s easy to install, has a sleek look, and panels to cover entire sections of your wall. Because the panel covers the entire wall, you can use hooks, bins, and shelves. They are easy to move around so you can adapt the layout as your life changes and evolves. Another great garage option is The Container Store’s