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Move Management

Move Management

We offer Move Management Services that encompass every stage of your move from beginning to end. Our team can pack up your home, purging along the way and will set up your home so that everything has a place. We know moving is stressful. It is our goal to simplify this process for you. We want your family to get back to the business of living as quickly as possible!

Our process is customized for each client and their needs and will include some or all of the following:

  • Discuss the scope of the project and the potential dates of your move via phone, email, video or in person.

  • Coordinate pre-move activities, including gathering bids from moving companies to partner on the heavy lifting, arrange delivery of all moving supplies needed for packing and oversee the logistics of the move.

  • Assist with the purging and donating of items before your move. This makes unpacking easier, and you only pay to move what you want to keep.

  • Stage your home to sell by working with you to simplify and declutter so that you can get top dollar for your home and sell it quickly. Our team works with the items currently in your home to make them fresh and appealing to a wide range of potential buyers.

  • Pack up your home using a color-coding system on your boxes to identify where boxes should be unloaded at the new home. We use an inventory sticker on every box to identify the contents.

  • Work with our moving partners on move-in day to ensure that everything runs on schedule and items arrive in the correct room.

  • Unpack and organize your boxes starting the day of the move. This includes:

    • Lining shelves, drawers, cabinets with plastic liner if requested.

    • Opening boxes, removing contents, flattening boxes and moving out for trash/recycle pick-up.

    • Putting everything away in a functional system that is easy to maintain.

    • Purchasing organizing supplies and products as needed.

Our team has years of experience moving families into new homes and is very thoughtful about the flow and efficiency of a space and how things will work best for your family. We reassess the staffing needs of our move clients daily throughout the project and downsize staffing as appropriate to complete the job as quickly and efficiently as possible. Your home will be set up with all organizational systems in place for your family, saving you time, money and frustrations! You will not regret having the Getting it Done Organizing team set up your new home!

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