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Jenny Dietsch is a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO  ), mother of three and a community volunteer. Jenny passed the BCPO exam, has had a least 1500 hours of paid client work in the past three years, and adheres to the highest ethical standards as set forth by the BCPO Code of Ethics for Certified Professional Organizers.

In her past lives, Jenny worked as a junior-high teacher, a project manager at a tech firm, and in business development at a large law firm.  Her love of organizing is what allowed her to excel in all of these roles and led her to start Getting it Done Organizing.​


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jenny has lived in Dallas, Texas for more than fifteen years. A wanderlust at heart, Jenny has traveled the world and has been fortunate enough to call London, Aspen, Boulder, and San Jose home over the years.

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Order and beauty in the home bring her peace, and she believes these will bring you peace too!  She specializes in creating aesthetic and functional systems that work in your home for your family.  She understands reality, and that life does not look like a magazine photo shoot.  Life is messy and beautiful and crazy and chaotic and fun! 


Jenny’s background in managing a very busy family and work life allows her to recognize the importance of day-to-day organization. She understands the pressures of today’s family. Jenny has real-life experience which she can apply creatively to each new project she tackles.


Getting it Done Organizing's success results from a diligent team effort.


Jenny and her Associates thoroughly assess the needs of their clients, and manage each project from start to finish.  Jenny personally trains all of the awesome organizers on her team.


Jenny is also a member of the following professional organizations:

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